Cinq minutes avec les fondateurs de Mujjo

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Mujjo, designer d'étuis pour smartphone, ordinateur et tablette, fait confiance à la boutique du Vadrouilleur pour mettre en avant ses produits sur le marché français. Découvrez l'un des fondateurs de cette jeune marque hollandaise, à travers quelques questions que nous lui avons posées. Interview en anglais !



1/ L'interview

Remy, can you tell us about yourselves and how Mujjo started?

I started with Tom (a friend) and Robin (my brother) soon joined. This was before Mujjo. We had two other projects before, but Mujjo is our first real success.

We started out by designing touchscreen gloves that (in contrary to what was available) actually looked good. These gloves turned out to be a great success and have been featured in some major publications around the globe. Soon after, we announced our first collection of sleeves, which is a good thing because they’re less climate dependent.

The brand has grown fast, and continues to evolve, but Mujjo keeps the same passion for creating beautiful designs.

And that is part of the values behind the brand?

We really value simplicity, as we like to keep things clean and elegant. Our core mission is to produce something that is fresh, functional, and built to last.

How did you manage to quickly connect with customer needs?

We receive a lot of feedbacks from customers on what they would like to see from us. We use that as an input and develop something that is both functional and also appealing. However, our best products come from things we design for our own use. We create according to our individual tastes and this has worked very well.

Who are these users of Mujjo?

The male/female ratio comes close to 60/40. We design according to our own taste and our minimalism appeals to both males and females.

We don’t work with comprehensive strategies when we’re working on new collections; instead, we just follow our gut feeling and listen to our customers.

For which uses?

I think that Mujjo products have uses for everything from fashion and business, to travel and everyday needs. We built our products to the specifications that they would last but look good while doing it.

For which unique benefits?

A good example of a unique benefit would be our iPhone case as it functions as both a cardholder as well as a phone case. The important part is that both of these features are fused into a clean and elegant full-grain vegetable-tanned leather case, which produces a beautiful and refined final product.          

What is your everyday carry essentials?

My car keys and my Mujjo iPhone case.

Why are these crucial for an entrepreneur on the move like you?        

A car is a necessity for getting around, as for the case it functions as both a wallet and phone case.

What's next for Mujjo?

At the moment, our goal is to keep our customers happy and maintain the highest-grade products possible. We definitely have plans for new products in the future. A Leather folio sleeve for the 12” which I’ve been using for a while now and very excited about is definitely something we’re working on.

2/ Le zoom produit

Lors de nos échanges avec Mujjo, nous avons apprécié la dynamique de l'entreprise qui complète une collection de qualité. Un bon exemple des créations de Mujjo est leur pochette MacBook:

On apprécie l'association de feutre et de cuir, ainsi que la praticité grâce aux rangements prévus pour les documents, écouteurs, cartes de visite et cartes SD.

Si vous hésitez entre deux modèles, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter !

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